Week 1 Update


So my weight loss journey hit a plateau. My father passed away 2 weeks ago, and so I had to travel to my native.

Right after I returned, I fell sick for a week straight. Fever, Diarrhea, headaches, chills, the works. I just recovered and this is where I stand.

Current Weight

The weight is hovering around 102 kilos/ 227 pounds.

The only other significant thing that happened is my gym membership. Yep, I got one just before I fell sick.

So, the plan is to hit the gym from Monday and resume my diet. I will explain my diet in another post. I decided not to go, Keto, this time.

Until next time!

Welcome To Obese.net

I was 216 pounds in the beginning of 2017. Towards the second half, I went on an aggressive diet regime and lost about 35 pounds.

It was a great feeling. Light, more energy, the ability to breathe clear and better. I hadn’t experienced that feeling since 2006.

3 months later, I met with a car accident. The weight came back. This time it did not stop at 216.

I currently weigh around 230 pounds. I feel sluggish, and sleepy all day. Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee has become the mantra of the day. Thankfully I have a job that I love, so concentration is not that big a challenge.

I used to walk 4 miles and climb four floors every day. I can’t anymore. I tried walking a mile last night but had to stop at 0.10.

Really, it was that hard.

I yo-yod whole year trying different diets and eating patterns.

Sometimes I would try going vegan, sometimes carb cycling. Nothing worked because I was not consistent. Add to that misery, my food addiction.

I want to go back to 2017, want to experience those positive feelings again, so I have decided to get back in shape, except this time in a planned and scientific manner.

I have spent my weekends the last few months researching and understanding the human anatomy.

Most importantly the role of the mind in our achievements and our failures. Google, when used right is a wonderful tool.

Oh, I am going Keto. I will explain why in a later post.

I don’t own Obese.net. I borrowed it from a friend. Obese.net will be my accountability platform, where every week I will share my success and my failures, as well as share unedited photos of the changes my body goes through.

I will also share my meal plan and workout regime (this, later). Here is where I am today –

Ahmed Before PictureYours truly,